Article 1 Enrolment
1.1 You can register for a workshop via the website, by letter, by fax or by email.
1.2 You will receive a letter or email confirming your registration.Your place will be confirmed on receipt of the amount due for the workshop.1.3 Enrolments will be processed in the order in which they are received.Article 2 Terms of payment
2.1 The information about the workshop and an invoice, if required, will be sent to you after your place has been confirmed. Article 3 Cancellation or changes made by student
3.1 The student may cancel or change the enrolment on the following conditions:
a. Cancellation of, or changes to, an enrolment must be done in writing.
b. If the cancellation or changes are made ten days prior to the workshop, the student owes € 25.00 for administration costs (incl. 21% VAT).

c. If the cancellation or changes are made between ten days and 24 hours prior to the workshop, the student owes 50% of the price of the workshop.

3.2 If the student cannot attend the workshop, he or she may send a replacement to the workshop if we are notified at least 24 hours before the workshop starts, stating the name of the replacement in writing.

3.3 If the student cannot attend the workshop and has not notified us of his or absence or sent a replacement, the student owes the full price of the workshop.

Article 4 Cancellation by Th. Godthelp Beheer b.v
4.1 Th. Godthelp Beheer entitled to cancel a workshop up to seven days before the workshop in question is scheduled to start. The students will receive notice of this seven working days before the workshop in question is scheduled to start. If possible, an appropriate alternative will be offered to the student. If the student decides to take advantage of this offer, the price of the workshop will not be refunded. In other cases we will refund the money.

Article 5 Liability
5.1 Th. Godthelp Beheer b.v. and representatives of Th. Godthelp Beheer b.v. are fully exempt from all liability for loss or theft of goods and/or personal injury prior to, during or after the student’s participation in a workshop.

5.2 Every form of liability is limited to the amount on the invoice.

Article 6 Applicable law
6.1 All agreements are governed by Dutch law.

Article 7 Changes

7.1 All prices quoted are subject to errors and changes.

7.2 These General Terms and Conditions apply as of 1 January 2010.