My name is Thérèse Godthelp, and I first encountered ZQ in 2005. Before that I had practised yoga for some 18 years. Once I performed ZQ for the first time, I immediately noticed the positive effects it had on me. I suffered less stress, felt better physically and also had more peace within my head, as it felt. In any event it was such a wonderful experience that it pricked my curiosity to learn more about ZQ. I started to attend workshops, to read a lot and in particular, to practise, every day afresh.

Practising ZQ continued to improve and I became increasingly enthusiastic. This is why I followed the Basic TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) course at the Qing-Bai academy. I then studied Western and Chinese Dietetics at the Qing-bai academy and completed Zhineng Qigong teacher training at the Qing-Bai academy. I received my lessons from teachers and masters from the Netherlands, Germany and China. And I still continue to follow workshops regularly, and go to China to supplement my own training.


Before I concentrated fully on ZQ and began leading workshops and training courses on this movement discipline, I had my own multimedia company. Prior to that I worked more than full-time in the media world. During that period I followed various Body and Mind training courses from, among others, Anthony Robbins, Deepak Copra and John Gray. I harvest the fruit of these courses by integrating the acquired knowledge into my own workshops.

Each time afresh, Zhineng Qigong stimulates my curiosity to know more, to learn and above all to experience what ZQ means to me and could still mean. So far ZQ has already brought much that is good to me, and I also perceive ZQ as a gift I really would like to pass on to others.