Know what you’re eating…..

I think nothing is written about more than eating. One author ascribes healing properties to a product, another insists it contains harmful substances. What is the truth?

We are overwhelmed with diets, slimming pills and ‘lite’ products, because we all want to be slender, certainly as summer approaches once more. And of course healthy. But really we simply don’t have the time to immerse ourselves in this.

And what’s the situation with our mental state? Our own awareness and our physical awareness in relation to nutrition? Are we aware of what we eat, are we aware of where our food comes from?

Use your healthy reasoning

The soup secret

Fibres and water add mass but no calories, fill the stomach and provide a satisfied feeling for longer.


Tomato skins are an extremely good source of lycopene, a substance which helps to prevent skin cancer.

Eating before bed

It makes no difference how late you eat something. What you eat late in the evening is digested in the normal way while you sleep, is stored and is used to a great extent in the course of the night. Whether the rest is used depends how much you move and eat the next day.