Metaphorically we often compare our bodies to a car. If the tank is empty, we drive to the filling station and fill up. Naturally we choose the right type of fuel because otherwise we would damage our car. We need to do the same when it comes to our bodies. After all, if you eat the ‘wrong’ food then you experience problems and you might get sick. You don’t just get sick in one day…

You are what you eat. Food is your fuel. Fuel is energy (Qi) and in my experience therefore, it’s also part of the Qigong.

Food can therefore actually nourish, provide energy or demand energy, for instance because of fat content which is too high, being difficult to digest, too great a toxic value etc. You get it: it can affect the way you feel, your energy level and your emotions. We go into this in more depth in my workshop, Zhineng Qigong and Nutrition.

Over the years my interest and curiosity about food (Qi) has increased such that I now grow my own vegetables for the entire year, about which I can provide tips.