I was mainly motivated by curiosity. Monique from Tegelen

I became acquainted with Thérèse and Zhineng Qigong almost two years ago. I already had some experience of yoga and meditation, but I was still searching for something else. I saw one of Thérèse’s advertisements and it appealed to me, so I started by attending a workshop. This introduced me to the fundamental exercise, the LCUPCD and I started immediately on a “gong”. I was mainly motivated by curiosity: what was Qi? What would it do to me? Would I be able to find enough time to do the exercise for 100 days (I still regard myself as someone with a terrible lack of discipline)?

The LCUPCD appealed to me because it is meditation in movement. I noticed that it left me feeling good and that helped me to keep up the practice, even in the strangest places – including in very padded suit in an ice hotel in Lapland. That made me realise that you can do the exercise anywhere and anytime and that you always gain something new from it. I felt that Qigong helped me let go of my worries and I felt better about myself. I completed the “gong” and followed a few more workshops so that I could learn more about Qigong. I started to concentrate on other exercises too, like the relax-song-gong. I must admit that I did not start on a new “gong” immediately. I did try, but it was a hectic period, partly because my mother was very ill and eventually died in the summer of 2011. I started the evening classes in the autumn, to learn more and to acquire some structure. I am happy that I started them; again, I felt supported by Qigong, and moreover, I have found Thérèse to be an honest and lovely person who teaches with dedication and enthusiasm. The evening classes started again at the beginning of this year and I didn’t hesitate to put my name down. I began to experience more and more Qi.

The trip to Ibiza was very special. Out in the open, in natural surroundings, on a lovely beach, the exercises gained more content and force. I was lucky enough to be able to incorporate this feeling in me. Ibiza has made Qigong even more valuable to me. I’ve have now finished another “gong” (which I had started on Ibiza) and I have put my name down for more evening classes this autumn. I haven’t finished learning!

At the moment, nearly two years after I started, I feel that I have found more inner peace – and I’m feeling better, not just mentally but physically too. I have a bone disease that causes uncontrolled cartilage growth. One instance of this is the growth of cartilage in my left shoulder which caused so much pain I couldn’t lie on my left side for more than ten minutes due to the pinching and the pressure. It’s not hurting any more, not because the cartilage has gone, but apparently my shoulder is suppler due to the “push and pull”, which is part of the LCUPCD.

This result has given me a better idea of what Qi is to me. For me, it is a cleansing energy that clears always surplus ballast. Zhineng Qigong has made me more agile. When I practise, it seems easier to let go of that ballast and I’am really happy about that. Thanks, Thérèse!